Top 10 Freshwater sharks for aquarium


Top 10 Freshwater sharks for aquarium

freshwater sharks for aquarium

Freshwater sharks for aquarium

We’re going to be covering freshwater sharks for aquarium. Not the big bite of sharks in the sea but the nice vegetarian ones in rivers and lakes. Now like the salt water counterparts freshwater sharks can be quite aggressive especially towards each other. So you need to be careful with that but they are really good at cleaning tanks. Most of the times a lot of them are get out liters. So they’re always a good addition to a large tank.

Apollo shark

Apollo freshwater shark found throughout most of Southeast Asia mainly in the Mekong River in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. They can reach a maximum size of around 22 centimeters which is around 8.5 inches. They like temperature of 20 to 26 0 C which is 68 to 70 eight threes Fahrenheit. Apollo shark like a pH around 6 to 8. So they’re very accepting of a wide range of water conditions. But you definitely are going to need a very big tank for these guys, as they do get rather large despite their boring sort of coloration.

They do have pretty weird long things that make them quite attractive and also they’re extremely active. So it’s not a sort of freshwater shark at a hideaway. So if you have a big enough aquarium and slightly cooler temperature these are a great addition to any aquarium. Apollo shark is one of the beautiful freshwater sharks for aquarium.

The Borneo red fin shark 

one of very rare freshwater sharks for aquarium

Short description of Borneo red fin silver shark freshwater shark

This is a very rare freshwater shark. So they’re quite hard to come by as you can guess by its name. It is only found in Borneo, the waters where it can found they are staying with tannin. So if you have a black water tank this fish is more likely to adapt well to them from. Each maximum size of 20 cm which is 7.8 inches. They like temperature of 22 to 270C which is 71 to 80 degrees fire online.

They’d like a pH of 4 to 7. So they’re very accepting a very low pH so they can keep with a lot of South American fish like South American cichlids and corridors that like the pH bit lower. But this is one of the sharks that are not too accepting of its own species. If you have a few of these in tank they will fight a lot of the time and get very territorial and possessive very food unlike. 

Some of the other sharks in this list it mainly feeds on insect, larvae another microorganism. So it’s less of an algae eater and model predator. This shark is one of the best freshwater sharks for aquarium but this one is very rare.

The black shark

This freshwater shark is definitely a tank buster. A lot of you guys watching won’t get to keep this because you need an absolutely giant tank, as they can reach the size of 50 to 60 cm which is 20 to 23 inches like temperature of 20 to 260C which is 68 to78 0 F. They usually like a pH of 6 to 8. It’s a very accepting of water conditions as long as you don’t have it too hot.

Their widespread in Southeast Asia like most freshmen to sharks mainly in the mean calm river in Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. So this is another good tank cleaner if you have a giant tank eats a lot of algae. But also eats a lot of insect, larvae, and small crustaceans. This is another freshwater shark isn’t very tolerant of its own species and can become very aggressive over territory and food. Despite all this the jet black coloration makes it a very attractive fish in an aquarium. 

The red-tail black shark 

one of the dark color freshwater sharks for aquarium

Short description of Red tailed black shark

I had him in a massive tank with a few algae eaters and you wouldn’t stop harassing them all day long and it got to a point where they were jumping to get away from him. So I had to separate them they great to maximum length of 15 cm when fully mature which is around 6 inches. They like the temperature of 20 to 26 0C Shakey’s Celsius which is 68 to 780 F. Interesting facts about this fish is as it is pretty much thought to be extinct in the wild and only living in the aquarium trade place rising in the aquarium trade. Because you’re like eats families at your local fish store. It’s just interesting to think that this just doesn’t exist in the wild anymore.

I hope in a few reports of some small populations being found in some small rivers. But they’re mostly thought to have died out due to over-fishing and poor water quality work age of 68. So very accepting of pH when they mature black becomes really solid. And there’s a really clear separation between red tail and the black body. So I think they’re the most attractive freshwater shark on this list. Red-tailed black shark is very beautiful dark color freshwater sharks for aquarium.


The bala shark

This one’s very common in the aquarium hobby. Even can reach a maximum size of 30 35 cm which is 12 to 14 inches. So it’s a very big fish very big freshman to shot. If you come across a monster aquarium a lot of time it has these guys in it. They found in Borneo and Indonesia. They are extremely rare in the world becoming endangered in some cases. Despite this they’re very variable in the aquarium trade. It is quite peaceful comparing to a few of the sharks on this list. I do not keep it with smaller fish in a community aquarium because it has the tendency to eat smaller fish. So unless you want dead little fish keep this in a big fish community only. But if there’s a lot of slow-moving fish these are also known to annoy slower-moving Paige Oaks.

Temperature 20 to 280C which is 68 to 820 F. So very accepting of temperature and they are pH of 6 to 8. So very accepting of pH range as well is not they bred in the home aquarium. But they breed in farms in Asia. They thought that they use hormones to do so. So it’s not naturally bred in farms as a one of the best freshwater sharks for aquarium.


The flying fox

This is the true flying fox not the same he’s argued – it’s probably one of the most underrated fish in the aquarium hobby. If you see a full-size grown up version of one of these, they are very beautiful fish and they have very vivid coloration. They often this sold as amazing out liters. When they’re young needs a lot of value but as they go older they tend not to tend to go for a bit more meaty foods. But they are a stunning freshwater shark mostly in southern Thailand and in Borneo and parts of Sumatra. They can be very territorial and if you put them in aquariums with other freshwater sharks they’re likely to get bullied or if they’re small enough you can go can be very territorial over food and its favorite spot in the aquarium.

They like temperature 20 to 26 0C which is 68 780 F. Karrueche maximum size of 16 cm which is 6.2 inches. So all in all a very underrated fish and probably the prettiest on this list.  Just make sure that you get the true flying fox and not the Siamese lb eater. As they are often confused or solve as the other.


Rainbow shark freshwater sharks

Rainbow shark

Apart from their red on all of their things and they don’t get quite as dark bodied as the red tail black shirt native to Thailand Laos and Cambodia. Normally found in sandy and rocky substrates and streams and rivers in Thailand. Which meant some size of 15 cm which is around 6 inches like 10 to 20 to 260C so that’s 68 78 0F unlike pH of 6 point 5 to 8. Interesting thing about this fish is the Alpina form of it is very easy to come by as well and I don’t normally like Alpina forms of fish but this one’s particularly striking.

This freshwater shark is also another one that’s very good at eating algae. So if you want to make to clean your tank, definitely get one of these. But I think they can be quite aggressive in territorial like a lot of the other freshwater sharks.


The silver flying fox

This is definitely a good fish if you want your shot to do a job and that job is to clean the tank . They are very good algae eaters some say even as good as or better than Siamese algae inter and it’s something a bit different. A lot of aquariums have a semi-log eater in or a few. Just to keep the tank really clean. And make it easier when it comes to cleaning the tank you have less to do. This is definitely a fish in that category it’s very good at eating algae. And it’s a bit different mainly found in central Thailand in the Mekong Basin normally found in places with a lot of gravel and boulders.

There are obviously a lot of OB forms on these surfaces. So they’ve got a lot of food can reach up 17 cm. IT is a bit bigger than your average Tony’s argue – as well 17 cm is around 6.6 inches, likes temperature of 16- 240C which is 60 to 750 F. So definitely a cooler water fish. If you have a tank without a heater. You’ve got a cooler with set up and you need.


Rosaline shark

This is the one for you. Now the Rosaline shark now this one till it finally because I don’t know what actually classifies a sip renewed as a shot over a barb. I don’t know if there’s a one certain thing but this is also so sold as the red line torpedo barb or the Denison’s bar. But in some cases that sold as the Rose Nyland shock. So I put this one in anyway and it has a sharp like body. Very attractive fish likes temperatures of 15 to 25 0C which is 59 to 77 0F. However it can take the cooler conditions. So again another fish for a unheated aquarium if you wanted to set one of those up air like pH of 6.5 7.8. So like a lot of over sipping it prefers a more alkaline pH.

This fish is one of the other smaller freshwater sharks as well. It can be a size of 11 cm which is around 4.4 inches. this freshwater shark is very attractive and one of the most famous freshwater sharks for aquarium in the world.

Now I think due to this not being a true freshwater shark it has a few different behaviors. One of them is that it quite likes to show and it likes the month more numbers if it’s kept on its own. It’s probably the more likely to be stressed and more likely to jump out of the aquarium. As well very skittish fish so if you come up to the aquarium guys really quickly it will dart.

It can injure itself against the glass. Slightly more carnivorous like a diet of worms, insects brine shrimp that sort of thing in a super happy. And it’s very colorful fish. Also there is a golden variety of this which I think must be in our Dino version. But if I’m honest I prefer a normal version of this page and it also has great coloration on its tail fin with two black and yellow dots on the corners of its tail fin.


The Siamese algae eater

Now last but not least is algae eater.  They’re one of the most peaceful freshwater sharks that you can come across. These will not bother any other fish whatsoever they may chase the chivy around every now and again. But I’ve got a group of three and they go on fine they go everywhere around the tank together and they do what they say on the team. They’re really good at eating algae. They found in the Mekong River mainly Laos and they also can found in Thailand as well. And while the smaller freshwater sharks maxing out around 10 cm.

It says smaller and a lot of the sites I’ve been on but mine are around 10 cm and I haven’t had them very on ten centimeters is around four inches. Like temperature of 20 to 26 0C that 68 to 78 0F and a pH of 6-7.5 is a very accepting of water chemistry like a lot of other freshwater sharks.


Can you have sharks in a fish tank?

Yes, why not there are several freshwater sharks that can be reared in aquariums. Not only freshwater sharks but also marine sharks can rare in the tanks.

Is there a shark that can live in freshwater?

Yes there are freshwater sharks. Some of them are not harmful and they eat plants. as examples The Siamese, Peter freshwater shark, red-tailed black shark and the ballet shot can be named.

What sharks are good for home aquariums?

I personally recommend freshwater sharks for home aquariums because management and cost of raring is lower compare to marine sharks.


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