Cutting Frogs and Cooking Frogs in China looks so weird

 Cooking Frogs in China Looks So Weird

Amphibians are the most threatened animal group; approximately one-third of all amphibian species are currently listed as threatened, compared to 23% of mammals and 12% of birds.

Who are the Frog Eaters Around the world

The world's most voracious frog eaters, on the other hand, are almost certainly in Asia, in places like Indonesia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. South America is also has a significant market. "People may believe that frogs' legs are an epicurean delicacy enjoyed by a selected group of French gourmets, but in many developing countries, they are a staple."

How They Harvest Frogs for meat

Indonesia is now by far the world's largest exporter of frogs, shipping over 5,000 tones per year. Some of these may be farmed, but not all of them. Commercial frog farming has been attempted in both the United States and Europe, but with little success: it is a notoriously risky and unprofitable business because of variety of reasons, including the ease with which frogs can subjected to diseases easily, feeding issues, and basic frog biology. Frog farming is practiced in Asia, but rarely on a large scale; most of them are small, artisanal operations that rural families use to support their income.

How Frogs are Taste like

Frogs are said to taste like a combination between fish and chicken. In reality, they taste like frog: in other words, nothing but the sauce they're served in.
Most of the people said that frog meat are taste like chicken. 

Frog cutting and frog cooking in china

In china local market, they sell frog meat. here you can see how they make frog meat and cooking frog meat.

frogs meat cooking and frogs meat cutting
Look similar to chicken


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